KASEY’S KEY works with survivors of suicide loss to unlock the power of creativity to mitigate the pain of suicide loss. 

In addition, KASEY’S KEY was created to address the growth of suicide contagion (the behavior or process that leads to clusters of suicides).

"A suicide cluster is a group of suicides or suicide attempts, or both, that occur closer together in time and space than would normally be expected in a given community." Defined by the CDC.


Who We Are

KASEY’S KEY is a non-profit organization founded by family and friends of Kasey Shea from five states from Connecticut to Arizona and Buffalo to Birmingham.


What We Do

We do not intend to replace the excellent organizations (local – national) dedicated to suicide prevention or support for survivors of loss.

Kasey’s Key serves survivors ready to take the next step and use their own creativity to reinvent themselves. Our loss will forever be a part of us, but re-created survivors will rely on their own creativity to cope with the future. KASEY’S KEY focuses on postvention for those who are at-risk of suicide contagion or clusters. Future plans include updated information, resource lists, online curriculum, and a suicide prevention App.



Today: Keynote Speeches, Workshops, Facilitations, Consultations

Tomorrow: Institutes, Online programs and an App.


How much does it cost?

Donations provide support for KASEY’S KEY. We will continue to seek grants to underwrite in whole or in part our expanded live and digital programs.


Kasey Shea
Kasey Shea


By Roger Shea and Kathleen Gaffney

In the early morning of January 2, 2016, we lost our daughter to her battle with depression. The shocking news arrived the morning after a wonderful Shea/Gaffney family dinner party. Family and friends were shocked, saddened and bewildered by the news. This could not happen to Kasey.

Kasey was full of life and love, and was loved by everyone – family and friends and those that she just met. Although she was deeply affected by the recent suicides of her uncle and cousin. Kasey prided herself in being strong, resilient and unstoppable. She favored the super heroes of Marvel; her favorite star was Tom Hardy, her favorite Marvel character was She-Hulk.

Kasey did hide the extent of her deep physical pain from an undiagnosed disease, that caused a dark depression.

She loved fishing and camping, rock concerts, sporting events, dart leagues, horse-back riding, and cooking gourmet food. She enjoyed acting, singing and dancing, rugby, fantasy football, competitive swimming, and modeling. She had a great personality, an infectious smile, and infectious laugh. She was larger than life, like her favorite comedian, Robin Williams.